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Temporary pressurized walls can turn your 1 bedroom apartment into a 2 bedroom apartment. All Week Walls/Walls DC is a premier installer of temporary soundproof walls with over seven years of experience in NYC. Our handcrafted walls are soundproof, just as thick as standard walls, and can mount TV's. Best of all, they are completely customizable based on your needs or special requests (wall shape, special finishing, French doors, privacy window). Whether you’re a family, student or a young professional, living in the DC Metro Area can get expensive. Temporary pressurized walls can be a perfect solution to this problem. Turning a living room or dining room into a bedroom is a great way to make good use of extra space. Our temporary pressurized walls are designed to be easily removed without any permanent damage to your existing walls, floors or ceilings. When you want to return your living space to its original condition we will remove your wall at no additional costs. We will remove your wall free of charge when you desire and restore your apartment to the condition before the wall was installed.
Country: United States